For less than the cost of many DJ services, the Roadshow is designed to provide live musical entertainment for your company or organization at your own location!
Choose from Fabulous 50's Flashback, Showtunes, Christmas or a Variety Show!

For more information, or to book the Roadshow for a performance, please contact the Roadshow director, Brandi Geyer-Wilbert at 717-991-3470. 

Show Dates:

July: 28 & 29 @ 7:30PM

July 30 @ 2PM

August 4 & 5 @ 7:30

August 6 @ 2PM

Looking for a place to have a birthday, graduation, retirement party, etc? Contact the TVP Colonnade about renting out the theater.  Click on the link for the Rules and Regulations below for more information.




Auditions May 21, 2023, @ 6PM 22 @ 7PM Please prepare 32 bars of music to best showcase your voice and range. Legible sheet music must be provided to pianist. Recorded tracks/ acapella not encouraged. You may be asked to be called back and sing/read something from the show. *Auditions are open to ages 18 and older for this show. Show Consists of themes and content of a mature nature.

Cast of Characters and Description: *Bat Boy - Also referred to as "Edgar". A bat boy. Passable British Accent Required *Meredith Parker- Housewife, Wife to Thomas, mother to Shelley. *Dr. Thomas Parker - The town veterinarian. Husband to Meredith, Father to Shelley. *Shelley Parker -The rebel daughter of Dr. & Meredith. GF of Rick. Falls in love w/ Edgar. *Sheriff Reynolds - The local sheriff, coming up for re-election. +Reverend Billy Hightower - Preacher & faith healer of a Tent Revival/Barbecue. +Rick Taylor - A rowdy, spelunking teenager. son of Mrs. Taylor. BF of Shelley. +Ron Taylor - A rowdy, spelunking teenager. son of Mrs. Taylor. +Ruthie Taylor - A rowdy, spelunking teenager. Youngest Child of Mrs. Taylor. +Mrs. Taylor - An overprotective, aggressive Mother of Rick, Ron, and Ruthie. +Lorraine - A townswoman. Head of the Revival Committee +Pan - The Greek satyr-God of nature. +Maggie, Daisy, Roy & Clem - Townspeople +Mr. Dillon, Bud, Ned - Ranchers. *These roles will play only those roles. +These characters will be doubled up and actors could play multiple roles/genders. They will also make up the Chorus.


Director: ..............................................Randy Stamm

Music Director………………………..........Laura Costa

Stage Manager……………………............Brandi Tobias

Licensed Under Agreement with Weekly World News Story and Book by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming Music and Lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe Sho