About Us

Nathan Troutman (President)

Randy Stamm (Vice-President)

Michelle Cooper (Treasurer)

Kathy Boyer (Secretary)

Brandi Geyer-Wilbert

Walter Finch

Angela Grassmyer

June Hockenberry

Lora Kobel

Dave Mattis

Richard Slade‚Äč

Board of Directors

Located between two mountains in the picturesque town of Millersburg, lies almost 100 years of movies, bands, musicals and art. Just steps from the Susquehanna river and a short drive from the beautiful Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art is the Twin Valley Players Colonnade Theater.

The original Colonnade property was purchased by Lester G. Holtzman and the original theater opened in July 1919, during the "silent" film era. The Colonnade went through a number of improvements through the years, including the addition of sound after "talkies" became dominant.

In March 1956, the Colonnade was sold to Melvin and Ada Troutman. Their son, Marvin - the former CEO of Cinema Center Inc. - owned and, along with his family, managed the theater for more than 50 years.

With the death of Ada Troutman in 2000, the Colonnade closed. It then was donated by Marvin Troutman to the Twin Valley Players in 2008. The local theater group worked tirelessly to bring the local cinema back to working order and finally in 2013 reopened the doors to the delight of the entire area. 

The original Colonnade, built as a single screen facility was not sound structurally and could not be retained. However vestiges of the buildings days as a popular movie house have remained.  The outside marquee with it's raised "C" has been refurbished and placed inside as part of the concession area. Vintage projectors, film reels, candy racks, tickets and posters are all located inside the lobby. 

We are now a leading venue in the central PA area for movies, live shows, music and art. We strive to bring the best content from local artists and musicians to the national talent of actors and directors from brand new first run films and the classics from previous eras. We take entertainment very seriously and always have top notch shows, no matter what medium. The Twin Valley Players Colonnade prides itself in its ongoing efforts to propel the arts in Upper Dauphin County and all of Pennsylvania.